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Digital Dictation & Transcription

Digital dictation is the recording and storing of voice in a digital format on a chip, disk or computer’s hard drive.  It has many advantages over the traditional analogue recordings.

The digital voice recorder can either be linked directly to the PC or can be used independently from it, with data then transferred to the computer system as and when required.  Best of all, the equipment is as easy to use as the traditional recorder.

Once in the system, the dictation is saved as a file on the PC.  The voice file can then be attached to an e-mail, in the same way as you would attach a document, and sent to Cinderella for typing.  The finished documents are then returned by Cinderella to the client as an e-mail attachment.  The client can then edit, print, save to their system, etc. in the usual way.

Hardware/Software Requirements

All you need to be able to download your dictation is the software which comes with your digital recorder.  Once the software is installed and you have recorded a piece of dictation, simply connect your recorder to your PC (via a USB port) and the software enables the download of the voice file.  If you wish to be able to hear your recording, your PC will need a suitable sound card, but the digital recorders we supply, should you wish, have built-in speakers to allow PC-free playback.

If you wish to transcribe your own dictation, or you want to mix in-house transcription with outsourced transcription, you will need to purchase suitable transcription equipment (foot pedal, headset, software).

Example of a Digital Recording

Digital recordings are much more user friendly than analogue (tape cassette) recordings.  Not only is the quality better, but the speaker can add dictation anywhere within the recording without erasing any of the existing recording.  Sections of dictation can be “indexed” to show Cinderella that there is a note that should be listened to first, or a piece of work which needs to take priority.  The recording can be kept on a PC for as long as required and a digital recording does not get “chewed up” in the machine!

We are happy to give advice on the best recorder to suit your particular needs as we have already had a successful test run at other Practices.

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